Mariz, Bride

Villanueva-Paulino Nuptials, October 2022

“I don’t have someone specific in mind to be my wedding MUA when we started planning a year ago. I was overwhelmed by the number of talented MUAs (charging within the budget) advertised in FB. Ultimately, I chose Iya because I found it compelling that she maintains a client portfolio per year (clean headshots of her brides/entourage with uniform lighting). For someone who I don’t know personally or has not been recommended by someone I know, it’s a reassuring proof of how consistently good she is at her craft and how well she catered to different skin tones. I was excited to be a part of the 2022 clients album. Night before the wedding, Iya shared a few reminders (both skin and hair care) in preparation for the big day.

My wedding was in Tagaytay, on a weekday. It was my first time to meet Iya and Renzo and they were both chill to work with. I showed Renzo my peg for the ceremony look and he was able to recreate it instantly❣️while Iya worked her magic and I couldn’t ask for more. 🥹

Eternally grateful to both Iya and Renzo. More power! 💗


Katrice, Bride

Binos-Lara Nuptials, August 2019

“Iya and Renzo are truly talented at what they do. It’s very easy to style hair and put on make-up but it takes artistry to do it in a way that works with the unique features of the wearer. My make-up looked right, proportional to my facial features, and it made an impact without looking unnatural. The hair that Renzo did complemented the make-up and framed it well. I have thin hair that doesn’t usually look nice in an up-do but I loved the hairstyle that he did. They did our moms’ hair and makeup beautifully too.

They were professional and arrived on time despite the challenge of our chosen time and location. Our looks perfectly matched how we felt on our wedding day. One of our favorite suppliers! ☺️

Enah, Bride

Valmonte-Laroza Nuptials, June 2021

Thank you Ms. Iya and Ms. Carla for making me look best on my wedding day. Super fun to work with! I decided to book Ms. Iya because her looks is more on natural glow (not too much transformation) Thank you for defining my features. Plus lightweight feel for the makeup and hairstyle!! Hats off for their time management! 👏🏼👏🏼

I will surely book Ms. Iya and Ms. Carla again once I need HMUA for maternity shoot in the future.

Jade, Bride

Calla-Manez Nuptials, December 2020

“This is how wedding make up should be! Iya is an expert at making you into a radiant and glowing version of yourself – no need to worry that you won’t recognize the person in the mirror. She provided clear instructions on how to prep your skin the night before and on the day of your wedding, arrived on time, and applied makeup with a light hand. I got nothing but compliments on how I looked on my wedding day, even from my mom who normally dislikes makeup! No regrets whatsoever in having Iya (and Renzo Lusterio for my hair!).”

Maica, Bride

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Lomat-Ebriega Nuptials, June 2020

“Thank you to my favorite make up artist now, Makeup By Iya Gueco!

There are no ‘lack of sleep’ and ‘stressed out’ signs during our wedding day because of your magic hands and eyes! You really did an excellent job! 💕  So thankful for a super chill chat during the preparations. It made me feel less tense and anxious.

I highly recommend Iya for your future events! ❤️ “

Faye, Bride-To-Be


Prenup Shoot, September 2019

“Iya and Renzo are so professional. They came earlier from the agreed time, anticipating heavier traffic on the way. All of their stuff are organized, clean and neat. We really loved their working style and ethics. My makeup was just how I imagined it to be, light, comfortable and suited my skin color and type, it made me look fresh all through out our prenup shoot. The hair really complemented well with my looks and all according to my pegs,.

From me and Andrew, it was a pleasure working with both of you. 😊 More power and God bless!”

Mrs. Trinidad Ignacio, Birthday Celebrator


60th Birthday Celebration, June 2019

“I had the best make up artist for my 60th bday. It was so natural that i did not want to remove the make up after the party.

Thanks for making me look elegant and pretty. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.”

Lea, Bride-To-Be


Bridal Boudoir, September 2017

“Rating: 10+/10(For Bridal Boudoir Session only)

I was looking for HMUA which is not so expensive but can do a fresh look.

She came on time. One plus factor to her is she just live in Quezon city and my shoot venue was just in QC. I set a timeline and she come there their on time.

Light makeup. I specifically asked her to put a light makeup on me because this is a bridal boudoir session and I want a feel the “I woke like this” fresh look. She achieved the look that I wanted and her makeup is neat and clean look just enough for a bridal boudoir session. She also has a quality makeup that even I was sweating, the makeup is still intact.

Full support on the shoot. Iya was just around during the shoot. She take’s care of my overall look and even check out my hair if it is still neat.

Overall Feedback: Iya is highly recommended and her service is a value for money. Her HMUA service was superb and I felt glam on my bridal boudoir.”

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Vito-Tan Nuptials, April 2018

“Iya was my favorite supplier on my Wedding. I really love the makeup she did for me. I availed the airbrush bridal makeup package at an affordable rate. I would definitely recommend her and Laime! I also loved the hair by her partner hairstylist Laime.” – Mabelle

“Light handed, precise and professional. Our wedding was an early morning affair (9.30 am) but they still arrived on time. Great quality of work. Very approachable and comfortable to talk to. Thank you so much ” – David

Kristine, Bride


Molina-Meachem Nuptials, August 2018

“Ms. Iya, young yet a very talented make-up artist.

I have that “morena” skin so I did a lot of research until I came across her page. I didn’t have a trial make-up with her and booked her based on her portfolio and reviews.

During our engagement shoot and wedding day, she enhanced the beauty I have in me. Her makeup felt so light on my face and I was particularly impressed by the false eyelashes she used as they looked natural. My mom and sister also loved their look during the wedding. Ms. Iya also have an equally talented hairstylist, Laime Pascual. They were both easy and fun to work with.

Big thanks from your Aug. 25th Bride”