Mariz, Bride

Villanueva-Paulino Nuptials, October 2022

“I don’t have someone specific in mind to be my wedding MUA when we started planning a year ago. I was overwhelmed by the number of talented MUAs (charging within the budget) advertised in FB. Ultimately, I chose Iya because I found it compelling that she maintains a client portfolio per year (clean headshots of her brides/entourage with uniform lighting). For someone who I don’t know personally or has not been recommended by someone I know, it’s a reassuring proof of how consistently good she is at her craft and how well she catered to different skin tones. I was excited to be a part of the 2022 clients album. Night before the wedding, Iya shared a few reminders (both skin and hair care) in preparation for the big day.

My wedding was in Tagaytay, on a weekday. It was my first time to meet Iya and Renzo and they were both chill to work with. I showed Renzo my peg for the ceremony look and he was able to recreate it instantly❣️while Iya worked her magic and I couldn’t ask for more. 🥹

Eternally grateful to both Iya and Renzo. More power! 💗